Gardens and Gratitude

My garden has always centered me. I find myself relaxing in the sometimes mundane, sometimes energetic tasks required to keep a low maintenance (pro tip: there’s no such thing) garden healthy and productive.

The garden is where I gravitate when I’m faced with worries or stressors. It’s also where I go when I’m at peace and feeling grateful. 

Feeling grateful for the moment, for the blessings, for the fun in the day has pulled me through some difficult times in my life. 

Here’s one thing that works for me on days when the weather keeps me out of my garden. I make it a conscious practice to write down at least one thing I’m grateful for on a small piece of paper. Then I roll up that paper and stuff it in my gratitude jar. 

The jar is clear glass with a small opening that sits on table in my kitchen where I see it every day. So even on the days I’m not using it, it’s a reminder that I have much to be grateful for. 

Gardens and gratitude provide balance in my life and, for that, I’m grateful. What works for you to keep you centered and give you balance?

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