How to Choose a Camping Chair

Once you have all of the camping essentials, investing in a good camping chair is a practical next step. A solid chair will last for years and add comfort and convenience to your outdoor adventures. Here are our top 5 criteria to consider when choosing a camping chair:

1. Price

As always, price is going to be your first criteria when choosing a camping chair. Luckily, you can find options in just about every budget. Most camping chairs fall between $15-$700.

2. Size

If you like to curl up in front of the fire, you’ll want a bigger chair—or maybe even a loveseat. If you like to sit upright, a standard size chair will do. Also consider the height. Chairs that sit lower to the ground are great for sitting on the beach and on uneven terrain. Higher chairs are easier to get in and out of.

3. Portability

Camping chairs come in all shapes and sizes—from super minimalist to padded and loaded down with extras (more on that below). If you plan to camp at sites that require you to hike long distances, you will want to consider chairs that are more minimal, lightweight, and are compact when folded up. However, if you like to set your tent up near your car, a heavier chair with more features may be worth the added comfort.

4. Weight capacity

Double check the weight capacity on any chair you’re interested in purchasing. Your chair should easily be able to hold your weight without straining.

5. Extra Features

Camping chairs range from basic to completely tricked-out with added features. Depending on how you plan to use your chair and what you like to do while camping, you’ll want to consider which added features may be important to you. Extra features commonly found on camping chairs include:

  • Armrests
  • Footrests
  • Headrests
  • Cup holders
  • Side table
  • Canopy or umbrella
  • Wheels
  • Extended pads
  • Built in cooler
  • Bottle opener
  • Storage pockets
  • Ability to swivel

Remember: While these extra features are nice, they will also add weight to your chair—an important consideration if you plan to hike a large distance from your vehicle to your campsite.

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