The #1 Item You Need for Your Summer Road Trips

Summer is coming and that means peak road trip season! Before you set off on your next great family adventure, make sure you’ve packed the #1 item you need for a road trip: a car emergency kit.

To make sure it is stocked with everything you may need during a warm weather emergency, check out our car emergency kit packing list below:

Summer Car Emergency Kit Packing List

Food and Water
Hydration is especially important during the summer months because heat will dehydrate you at a faster than normal rate. As always, we recommend carrying one gallon of water per person, per day. It is also wise to carry snacks that are low in sodium, which will dehydrate you, and will not melt.

Weather Protection
Rain showers and intense sunlight are staples of the summer season, so including weather protection in your car emergency kit is a must. Pack ponchos, a reflective blanket, sunscreen, and hand warmers.

Light and Communication
If an emergency occurs during the night, it is important to have light and, at any time of day, a way to call and/or signal for help. We recommend carrying an LED flashlight as well as a headlamp, especially if you are traveling alone. It is also wise to carry extra batteries and a power bank for your phone.

Hygiene is always important, but it is especially critical during emergency situations. For this reason, we recommend keeping toilet paper, paper towels, and a first aid kit in your emergency auto kit. During the spring and summer months, it is wise to also include antihistamines and bug spray.

Survival Gear
You never know what the conditions will be like when an auto emergency occurs, making survival gear an essential part of your car emergency kit. Your kit should include a whistle, multitool, work gloves, duct tape, rope, bungee cords, waterproof matches, and fire starters.

Emergency Auto Equipment
Emergency equipment is a definite must for every auto emergency kit. You’ll need jumper cables, tow rope, a safety vest, tire gauge, tire sealant, a spare tire, jack, windshield wiper fluid, rags, orange cones, and an emergency triangle.

With a roadside emergency kit tucked away in your car, you can set off on your next road trip confident that you can handle any unexpected events that come your way.

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