Tips for Family Tornado Safety Drills

The timing of tornado season varies across many locations In the United States, but June is when more tornadoes hit the country. As temperatures change from colder to warmer, they generate unstable pressure systems. That is why tornadoes are more prevalent in spring, but they do not always follow a pattern.  

Knowing what to do in an event of a tornado is critical. Now that we know when the tornados may possibly happen, we can prepare ahead by putting together a comprehensive tornado preparedness plan. This includes:

  • Compiling all the important documents
  • Listing all the emergency contact information
  • Determining the safe areas in your home and office
  • Assembling or purchasing an emergency kit

Another thing you can do to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones is to conduct periodic tornado safety drills. This will ensure that each family member knows and remembers what to do when there is an approaching tornado. There is no need to panic and prepare your emergency food supply at the last minute. 

The government often provides information about tornado safety and preparedness and conducts tornado drills to help the community. But there is no need to wait for the local authorities to lead the tornado safety drills. You can do it in your home!

Gather your household members, and practice moving to the designated safe areas on your property. It might be chaotic and messy the first few times, but as you continue to practice, you will notice that everyone moves faster and without bumping into each other. Besides, talking about tornado safety and what to do before, during, and after can help reduce anxiety and fear and let everyone know how to react. Doing this regularly will ensure that everything goes according to plan and that no one forgets over time. 

Sadly, the tornado season never truly ends. Although tornadoes are more common at particular periods and in specific months, they can and do happen at any time. Thus, it is vital to always be prepared.

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