Top 8 Gift Ideas for Preppers (and Non-Preppers!)

Are you shopping for a prepper in your life? Or are you a prepper looking to add to your Christmas wish list? If so, check out our list of Top 8 gift ideas for preppers (and non-preppers)!

1. Emergency Radio

Every prepper (and every non-prepper) should have an emergency radio for weather updates, breaking news, and evacuation orders when power and/or cell service goes out. Our 4000mAh Solar NOAA Digital Weather Radio with a hand crank is the perfect gift and we bet that once you check out this list of features, you’ll want one for yourself!

  • Radio is pre-programmed to NOAA weather channels
  • FM & AM channels
  • Built in 4000mAh power bank that will run the radio for 20 hours
  • Radio can be used to charge phones and other electronic devices
  • 4 Power sources - AAA batteries, solar panel, USB charger, hand-crank
  • SOS function that will emit siren and light signal – 1050Hz warning tone
  • LED flashlight
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

2. Night Vision Camera

Night vision is the one thing that humans lack compared to most other mammals. But luckily, we’re smart enough to invent the technology needed to gain that advantage so that we can find what we need in the dark without giving our position away with flashlights. This Night Vision HD Digital Monocular Infrared Scope IR Video is perfect for capturing photos and video day or night. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to fit in a bug out bag or carry around when hunting.

3. Solar Portable Power Station

If you’re living off the grid or faced with an unprecedented emergency, a portable power station is a must. Check out this Generator Set – a 100W Solar Panel 18V with a 600W Portable Power Station. It features:

  • Advanced MPPT technology, providing a faster solar recharge
  • Regulated DC 12V output
  • Higher 600W and 550Wh capacity
  • 2 pure sine wave AC outlets
  • 9 outputs – 2 AC outlets, 2 12V DC ports, 1 12V car port, 2 USB-A ports, 1 45W USB-C, and 1 18W QC3.0 port
  • Real-time display and nice LED light

4. A Cold Frame Greenhouse

Every prepper who lives in an area that experiences cold weather wishes he or she could extend the growing season. With our Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse you can do just that! It features:

  • Transparent polycarbonate boards with good light transmittance to allow plants to fully absorb sunlight
  • A solid wood frame
  • 3-tier shelf for potted plants or gardening tools
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Openable roof for increased ventilation
  • Double doors with latches

5. Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Avoid accidents in darkness and/or low visibility situations with a rechargeable LED headlamp. Our Rechargeable LED 80,000LM Headlamp is lightweight, can be adjusted to a 90-degree range, comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries, and has an IPX4 waterproof level suitable for camping, climbing, night riding, caving, and more!

6. Emergency Auto Kit

Even non-preppers should have an emergency auto kit in case their car breaks down. This one includes everything you need – food and water, tools and a first aid kit, light and communication devices, and supplies for shelter and warmth.

7. Family Emergency Kit

A go-bag, complete with all of the essentials you’ll need in the event that you need to “bug out,” is a must-have for every prepper. This family emergency kit is a great option because it comes with all of the basics to keep 5 people thriving for 72-hours, with the added bonus of a food bucket!

8. Non-GMO Seeds

Every prepper needs a survival garden so that they can produce enough food for their family and end their reliance on stores. That’s why seeds are always a great gift idea for the prepper in your life. Check out some of our most popular seed packs:

151 Variety Survival Garden Seed Cache

40 Variety Pack – 16,500 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

35 Variety Pack – 26,000 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds + 2lb Organic Sprout Seeds

50+ Variety Cache – 300,000 Heirloom Seeds

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