Why You Need a Rain Barrel NOW

Wondering what all the hype is about surrounding rain barrels? Here are four reasons why you need one (or more!) now:

1. Rainwater is the best water for your garden.

Did you know that the best water for your garden, lawn, landscaping, and potted plants is rainwater? Public water supplies contain chemicals that may harm sensitive plants and build up in your soil; and well water contains heavy minerals that will cause the same issues. However, rainwater is naturally soft water, making it the best choice for all of your plants.

2. Collecting rainwater is good for the environment.

Preserves Local Water Quality
Rainwater may become contaminated as it runs through roofs, yards, streets, and storm drains. This water eventually makes its way to local rivers, streams, and lakes, causing damage to the natural waterways and polluting the water within them. Therefore, collecting rainwater in rain barrels keeps local water clean.

Prevents Soil Erosion
Collecting gutter runoff in a rain barrel is a great way to prevent soil erosion on your property, which can reduce the amount of topsoil in your garden and damage your home’s foundation.

Conserves Water
Water conservation is a hot topic these days. You can do your part to reduce your consumption of the public water supply by collecting your own water in a rain barrel.

3. Collecting rainwater will save you money.

Collecting water in a rain barrel is a great way to obtain an endless supply of free water and could easily save you hundreds of dollars per year on your water bill.

4. Stored rainwater can be used during droughts.

If your area suddenly experiences a drought, the water collected in your rain barrel could literally save your lawn and garden.

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